IPG Training at CERI

Face-to-face Trainings

These are in-person training courses or workshops that allow participants to actively learn and practice pathogen surveillance and characterization. Participants taking part in such trainings are often nominees from either national public health and/or academic institutes or individuals of the Member States who have contacted the Africa CDC IPG and expressed their interests. These training courses are also used to establish and improve best laboratory and analytical practices. The trainings are usually conducted by the Centers of Excellence in Africa and experts at the regional sequencing hubs

IPG TA West Africa

Short-term Needs based Trainings

These are virtual and/or onsite trainings accorded to the national public health and/or academic institutes of the Member States upon request to receive technical support on genomics surveillance and characterization. Technical support missions by Africa CDC and designated experts from partner institutes, are used to troubleshoot laboratory assays and establish or improve best laboratory and analytical practices

IPG Training at CERI

Virtual Trainings

These training courses include video webinars or virtual hands-on modules. In the latter, trainees meet virtually to discuss pathogen genomics research with each other and the trainers/preceptors. Virtual trainings may be conducted through a series of online modules that can timely and cost-effectively meet the increasing demand for more flexible training, especially in low-and-middle income countries and during disease outbreaks.